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jetBook mini accessories

1 GB Micro SD Card with 1000 Classic English Books for Your jetBook    View
1 GB Micro SD Card with 1000 Classic English Books for Your jetBook

This 1GB Micro SD Card holds 1000 of the top English classic books. Now you can literally read your jetBook, jetBook LITE, or jetBook mini for months and months without getting up to go to the library or downloading any other books! Click here for the full list and keep on reading!


Earlight for Jetbook    View
Earlight for Jetbook

This convenient and comfortable over the ear hands-free light source lets you read your ECTACO jetBook in low-light situations without disturbing others. The high-powered, adjustable beam puts the light just where you need it without the any of the inconvenience of clip-on book lights.


Energizer Battery charger    View
Energizer Battery charger

The best way to keep your jetBook mini up and running wherever you may be!
The Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger comes equipped with rechargeable batteries and a charger that plugs directly into the wall. Charge up to 4 AA or AAA batteries and have them last for hours on end in your jetBook LITE or jetBook mini eReader. The charger is so compact you can store it in any handbag or even your pocket when on the go.
Check out below for even more information.

Designation: Compact Charger
Color: Black and Silver
Charging Capability: 2 or 4 "AA" NiMH Batteries
2 or 4 "AAA" NiMH Batteries
2 "AA" and 2 "AAA" NiMH Batteries
Charging Current: "AA" 700 mAx2
"AAA" 700 mAx2
Trickle Charge: 50mA
Weight : 112 grams (4.0 oz.)
Dimensions (mm): 86 x 82 x 33 (H x L x W)
Charger Input : 100-240VAC
Charger Output : 2.8VDC
Shutoff Mechanism: Delta V and Timer Control
Max Timer Control 12 Hours
Safety Features: Reverse Polarity Protection
Delta V Charging Cut Off
Safety Timer to Prevent Over Charge
Primary (non-rechargeable) Battery Detection


USB car charger    View
USB car charger

Just place this handy charger into your car's accessory plug to recharge your 850/900/iTRAVL series or jetBook while driving between destinations to always be ready for the next restaurant or shopping stop.


jetBook mini Protective Case    View
jetBook mini Protective Case

Here is the greatest protection you can get for your jetBook mini!

A smooth outside texture and a soft lined interior prevents against dents, scratches, and accidental dropping.