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February 28, 2011

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for your email with the good news regarding the shipment of my order today.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all your assistance, which has been very much appreciated.

Best wishes to you and all at Ectaco on Presidence's Day, trust that 2011 will be a successful one for your company.

BTW. I just want to say how much I really like your website layout, with all the various options, colors available (jetbook mini in particular) and the free 1 GB SD card pre-loaded with classic books.

I especially like that fact that you have offered this SD card as a freebie, simply because it will be necessary to obtain one right away, in order to receive Ectaco's monthly or so firmware upgrades.

I am not sure what jetBook Mini future upgrades will be forthcoming....but if you asked me what would be first on my wish list, it would be the ability to read the ebook universal 'epub' format.

I know this might be a tall order or possibly not doable with the jetBook mini....nevertheless, I can't think of a more popular upgrade that would excite all existing and entice many more potential new buyers to Ectaco!!!

If a firmware upgrade for doing this on the mini not possible...how about a future - jetBook Mini Version II - with added epub & PDF formats or better yet all the formats as offered on the jetBook Lite.

I would upgrade & buy another for sure!

Kind regards, Duncan

January 31, 2011

Love this reader. My parents bought this as a gift for me. Even in low light, I can read the fonts and my eyes aren''t strained. Even though it doesn''t read audiobooks, I''m quite satisfied with it.

Sheila Noack

December 30, 2010

Well, I've been using my JetBook Mini now for about 2 months. And I've grown to love it even more that I did at first. I find that I can carry it around in my coat pocket just fine. I can pull it out and read wherever I am?which is normally at the grocery store waiting for my wife to do her thing. I love it.

I had to replace the batteries in the thing last week. After using it an average of 3 hours a day for the last month or so, the original AAA batteries gave up the ghost. I have grown to love the auto-shutoff feature that turns it off whenever I sit it down. I never have to remember to do it manually. This time I stuck in some rechargeable AAA cells, so when it dies this time, I'll simply recharge them.

My wife got a Nook for Christmas. It is a beautiful device. She uses it while sitting in her recliner. It certainly has some features I wish I had on my Jetbook Mini. Probably if there were a few things I do wish I had it would be the ability to display graphics. There are a few eBooks that I own that have embedded graphics in them. I wish the Mini could handle them, even if they were in monochrome, that would be fine with me. Also I find I am truly missing the "search by keyboard" function that is found on most all other eBook readers and always on all pocketpcs/handheld pc devices.

The conversion process isn't perfect either. Some of the characters when converting to .txt format do not come out as they should. This normally has to do with the original eBook using italics, or parenthesis, or some unusual print structure. Still, it has never impeded my reading the story to the end?and it is the exception rather than the rule.

So after 2 months do I still think the Jetbook Mini beats every other handheld pc or pocketpcs device for use as an eBook reader? The answer is YES, it certainly does. And I'll go one step further. I've seen people squinting and going blind reading things on the cell phones, using them as eBook readers. No thank you?I'll keep the mini! Read more

Rich Hawley

"Wow, wow, wow. Awesome device and amazing ergonomics. I'm really impressed with the look and feel, now keep me updated like you did with the jetBook and jetBook LITE!"

Dennis, CA

"I live on a bus going from home to work and back every day and this bad boy is the only thing keeping me awake!"

Roger, NY

"Perfect to read anywhere. It's such a perfect and cute size that I store it in my purse wherever I go."

Jenna, TX