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Update your jetBook mini

What's New In This Update:

v0.4.0 - Released 18/04/2011
- Picture view from Book Browser now available
- Fixed folder sorting
- Changed default transparency color for images
- "Please wait" message less disruptive
- Updated manuals
- Other minor bug fixes

Need help updating? Follow these steps!

1. Download .pkg file to your PC:

- With books
- No books

- With books
- No books

- With books
- No books

- With books
- No books

2. Save the file to SD card. (Please note that jetBook mini supports the regular SD cards up to 2GB SD.)

3. Insert SD card into jetBook mini.

4. Switch on you jetBook mini, go to the "Settings" menu, choose "Upgrade patch" section and follow the instructions on the screen.